Monday, January 4, 2010

Dog Licenses / Recycling News

Dog Licenses

If you plan on stopping by City Hall for your dog license, you can hold off for about two weeks.  I went by this afternoon to make sure my dog was legal, but I found out the new tags have not yet arrived.  In an attempt to be a little more economical with the $1 license fee, the city is going to numbered tags without a year stamp.  This will allow you to have the one tag and get a renewal each year.  I'm told that Helena has the lowest dog license fee in the area.

Tags should be in around January 20th.

Recycling Update

While at City Hall for the license, I asked how the recycling signup is going.  No exact numbers were available but the information they had was that about 300 households have signed up.  I sure hope more folks will get in on this so we can reduce the stress on landfills.  There is information about the program on the City of Helena web site which can be found in the links list to the left.


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