Friday, March 26, 2010

Great News

It's a little after 8 pm on Friday, March 26th, and I have just gotten off the phone with Laura Steele, daughter of Annette Weber, our Woodvale neighbor who was swept into a storm drain during the heavy rains of March 10th.

Mrs. Weber is doing much better, Laura told me.  She has had her breathing tube reduced in size so she has gotten her voice back for the first time since the accident.  She has also been moved into a regular room and is off the ventilator.  She and the family are hopeful that she may be able to come home next week.

Mrs. Weber's sister, Carole, has been posting information on the Caring Bridge web site.  Go to and enter 'annetterweber' as the web page you want to visit.  It is likely to ask you for an email address and to create a user name and password.  Once that is done, you can read the updates and the whole story.

This is such wonderful news.


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