Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Market Days and Bypass

Helena Market Wins

Helena Market Days, our local summer Farmer's Market, won the Best of the Best award by voters in Shelby County.  I can only sing the praises of those volunteers that make this event possible.

Ron Holly manages the market and arranges for all the farmers and artisans. Cris Nelson acts as the liaison with the various governmental bodies. Mary Perko brings top local chefs to the market who perform demonstration shows and provide free samples visitors.  Bob Van Loan brings upcoming musicians to perform and coordinates charity events at the market. 

 Laura Brookhart does the photography.  Henry Neff does graphics and media. All of these folks set up and breakdown all the tents, tables, and chairs with additional help from Peggy Holly, Jack Gray, Ken and Alex Penhale, Billy Dean Harris, and Dana and John Perko. All of this hard work is done free for the community.

Way to go to the Helena Market Team!

[pictured above from left to right, Bob Van Loan, Cris Nelson and Ron Holly, and Mary Perko]

Bypass Update

Marienne Thomas-Ogle has written an article that said that final design and survey for the Helena bypass is due to start in a couple of months.  Lance Taylor from the ALDOT says that a conservative start date for construction would be 3 years.  Mayor Penhale is quoted in the article, "The city has been working for 10 years to get the bypass, first getting federal funds and then a commitment from the state.  It's taken a long time, but the result will be very important to those who live and travel in Helena."

Let's hope everything moves along smoothly and perhaps picks up some steam to get ahead of schedule.


Sorry for the lack of posts over the last several months.  I hope to get back to posting information more frequently, so be sure to promote the Blog among Woodvale residents.


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