Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Few Newsy Tidbits

Buck Creek Festival:

The Buck Creek Festival art contest was concluded a week ago and here is the winning design that will be used on the t-shirts for this year's event to be held May 7 and 8.  Be sure to mark your calendar for this wonderful local free event and check the web page at for the latest updates on bands and schedules.


Another quick drive through Woodvale and Augusta Point on Wednesday revealed a few more big blue recycling bins.  Augusta Point had 4 and Woodvale had 9, up 2 from two weeks ago.

And I got my first report on the February 13th recycling pickup - 82 pounds of material recycled.  That really means a lot since all of that did not go into a landfill.  A neighbor reported their total at 42 pounds.

Cam Ward:

Cam Ward was in Helena Monday evening for a fundraising event at Magnolia Manor.  He is running for state senator for this area.  The crowd was not heavy, so I had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Mr. Ward.  He strikes me as a down-to-earth person and one deserving of our vote.  He seems to be thinking about how things ought to be and not accepting of the way it has always been done.  Check out his web site at

Severe Weather Season Just Ahead:

I know everyone is still shivering with this cold winter, but we're only a week away from March which begins our three-month severe weather season.  The spring severe weather season in Alabama can be quite dangerous, so it is important for every person to know about severe weather safety.  Knowing what to do when severe weather threatens can save your life.  Do your children know what to do?  You can find the latest information at


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